Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Me with my sister Amy

Flowers from my daughter Sarah 
living in California

I appreciate all the happy birthday wishes!  I feel blessed to have such a great family and group of friends!  53 years young!  Counting down until retirement....9 years to go.  Can't wait. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New to Instagram

Now on Instagram!

Should be fun finding ways to
promote our shop! 

We would love for anyone who one of
our car bags to send us pictues with them
in use!  We will put them on our

Steph and Kevin

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring into getting organized!

 Organize your car now!

are made to do just that.

for trash at the gearshift

for trash at the headrest

 for cellphones and sunglasses

for stuff and kids items in the back seat!

Made by Stephanie and Kevin
Columbia Maryland

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gray and white done beautifully!

Gray and White 
with a little Turquoise 
thrown in!  

These car bags are just adorable together.  I enjoy the polka dots paired with the chevron.  Most of our car bags are completely customizable, making every car bag just a little different.  With our car bags, you can select from the following:
  1. Fabric - we have over 100 different fabric options for our car bags!
  2. Band Color - we offer multiple color options for each bag.
  3. Bag Style - we have trash bags and carry-all bags for your car.
  4. Hanging Method - you can hang our bags from the gearshift or headrest
  5. Lining Method - you get to pick from an oilcloth lining or a plastic bag lining. 
This is our car phone caddy/car phone holder
for the gearshift on the dashboard

This is our small car trash bag

Our car phone caddy - 
for the gearshift center console.  

This car phone caddy is for all those 
customers who's gearshift is on the dashboard, 
featured in many Hondas and Toyotas. 

This is our full-size car trash bag

This is our headrest caddy

This is our headrest trash bag

Lots of options just for you!!!
Check out our shop to design yours today!

Stephanie and Kevin

Thursday, February 13, 2014

And the winner is...

Thanks to all who participated!  
We love our customers.
Stephanie and Kevin

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